New requirements - new room concepts for you!

In these extraordinary times we are constantly working to ensure that we can continue to offer you a wide range of events. To this end, we have developed new room layouts with adapted seating arrangements which are in compliance with the hygiene and infection protection regulations of the state of NRW.

Right from the start we are here to make sure all goes smoothly, from registration to the instruct of your team in the preparation and set-up of your event.

  • Together with you (the organizer), we can ensure enough on-site parking spaces are provided. Furthermore, we can reserve additional parking spaces should it be required.
  • Our foyers offer spacious areas where guests can register while maintaining required distances. Entrance and exit areas as well as waiting areas are clearly marked.
  • You can complete the accreditation of your event electronically and in advance. During guest admission, we will work together with you to ensure that all planned activities run smoothly.
  • At the end of the event, guests will be instructed on how to exit the building in compliance with the pre-defined distancing requirements.
  • Floor markings and room and hallway separators ensure controlled movement and guidance of all visitors within our facility.
  • Our guidance system includes monitors and signs, which guide visitors safely and directly to their event room/hall.
  • Event inspectors ensure that all the above measures are followed during the event.
  • Our hygienic concept includes intensive and regular cleaning of rooms, surfaces and bathrooms.
  • Disinfection stands are also provides in the event areas and bathrooms.
  • Information boards and signs throughout the building highlight hygiene guidelines and recommendations.

Our in-house caterer, MCC Catering, is always in full compliance with our hygiene rules and requirements.

Instead of a buffet, guests are offered snack bags, which are distributed by our staff at intermittently placed stations. You can find a variety of options here.

  • We have developed new seating plans, which are in compliance with the new regulations, and which ensure the maintenance of minimum distances between participants at all times, thereby reducing the density of people and the risk of contact.
  • Our flexible room layouts allow the rooms to be enlarged (by means of partition wall systems) to the required size.
  • Safety announcements can be made at any time. If you so choose, our staff can personally brief your guests before the event.
  • Digital and virtual platforms are also available upon request.

Arrange a (non-binding) appointment with us to discuss the best possible room layouts for you. We would also be pleased to welcome you on site. Do not hesitate to contact us for an appointment.

You can also get a preliminary overview of our premises with our online “360-degree view” or combine this with an online meeting with us!

We look forward
to your requests.