Messe und Congress Centrum
Halle Münsterland GmbH


Messe und Congress Centrum
Halle Münsterland GmbH

Albersloher Weg 32
D-48155 Münster

Phone +49 2 51 / 66 00 - 0

Business hours:
Mon - Fri 9:00 - 14:00

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Your contact persons

Dr. Maria Näther Managing Director Tel: 0251/6600-170
Marcus Altrogge Head of Processmanagement Tel: 0251/6600-295
Sandra Ruhkamp Management consultant|Communications Management Tel: 0251/6600-169
Susanne Schulze Bockeloh Chairwoman of the Supervisory Board
Dr. Rita Stein-Redent Second Deputy Chairwoman of the Supervisory Board
Meik Bruns Supervisory Board
Robin Denstorff Supervisory Board
Heinrich Götting Supervisory Board
Ralf Johanshon Supervisory Board
Christoph Kattentidt
Gabriele Kubig-Steltig
Carsten Rotermund Supervisory Board
Ludger Overhues Supervisory Board
Carsten Peters Supervisory Board
Josef Rickfelder Supervisory Board
Dr. Michael Steinmann Supervisory Board Tel: Second Deputy Chairman of the Supervisory Board
Oliver Teuteberg Supervisory Board
Verena Funke Commercial infrastructure management clerk Tel: 0251/6600-472
Sophia Paduch Employee infrastructure management and management board Tel: 0251/6600-214
Martin Kupka Head of building management Tel: 0251/6600-521
Dominik Studen building management Tel: 0251/6600-652
Jeanette Bouillon Booking management Tel: 0251/6600-471
Maxine Holzhauer booking management Tel: 0251/6600-226
Birgit Koch Head of Marketing + Quality Management Tel: 0251/6600-140
Kerstin Hopp Qualitätsmanagement Tel: 0251/6600-294
Welcome area Kötter Security Tel: 0251/6600-0
Doorman service Wach- & Schließgesellschaft Tel: 0251/6600-0
Anja Niewind-Bernsmann Finance | Balance sheet accounting Tel: 0251/6600-219
Albena Tacheva Finance | Controlling Tel: 0251/6600-206