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Mia and Paul are our mascots. They can help you naviagate our homepage and highlight which events are especially suitable for children. They will also be live on location.

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Time : 16:00-18.30
Inlet : 14:30
Preis : 25,00 €
Location : Große Halle
Parking :
Organizer : Mach Liebe mit der Nacht UG, Rangsdorf

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Time : 17:00-19:15
Inlet : 15:30
Preis : 39,00-89,00 €
Location : Große Halle
Parking :
Organizer : pop-out live GmbH

Time : 14:00-16:30
Inlet : 12:30
Preis : 58,68-113,71 €
Location : Große Halle
Parking :
Organizer : Apassionata World GmbH, Berlin

Time : 19:00-21:30
Inlet : 17:30
Preis : 58,68-113,71 €
Location : Große Halle
Parking :
Organizer : Apassionata World GmbH, Berlin

Paul's profile


8 years, adventurer

Paul is a true Münsteraner.

He is very interested in football and skateboarding - in skateboarding he is even an ace. Besides sports he also likes astrology and animals - probably because of his little dog Rüdiger.

Paul is a discoverer and terribly eager to learn.

His best friend is Mia with whom he goes through thick and thin and experiences great adventures.

Paul is very popular with his friends. You can rely on him, he is very enthusiastic, smart and ready for all kinds of mischief - simply a great guy!

Mia´s profile

Illustration von Mia
Das MCC-Maskottchen Mia spielt mit Handpuppen


7 years, discoverer

Mia moved to Münster with her parents just a year ago ... and has been Paul's best friend ever since.

Mia loves animals, especially horses, but she also finds puzzles and secrets exciting. She is also a real bookworm. Especially horror stories and stories about discoverers fascinate her. Later on, she definitely wants to become a famous researcher.

In contrast to the brave Paul, Mia seems rather shy and reserved ... but appearances are deceptive ... once she has gained confidence, she is capable of some surprises - simply a great friend!