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We constantly review our actions with regard to sustainability. Our specially trained sustainability consultants will be happy to support you in the selection and implementation of measures for the organisation and realisation of your "Green Meetings/Events". Since 2010, our hotel has been successfully Green Globe certified several times. For us, it is an important corporate task to contribute to relieving the burden on the environment.

That is why we will continue to offer solutions for our customers and work with partners to ensure that Messe und Congress Centrum Halle Münsterland remains a truly sustainable event center in the future. You can find our sustainability strategy for the coming years here.

Key achievements since 2006


Energy consumption reduced by 50%

We have been working on reducing our energy consumption for a long time. For example, we have been able to almost halve our electricity consumption since 2006. Stadtwerke Münster energy audits help us with controlling.


Change to LED, timers and motion detectors

Our exhibition halls and most of our premises are equipped with LEDs. Through precise light and reflection analyses, we were able to reduce power consumption to a third through this replacement. Where possible, we have installed motion detectors and timers to reduce energy.


100 % green electricity

We purchase 100 % green electricity from Stadtwerke Münster. In addition, we constantly monitor our electricity consumption through regular "Lastganganalysen". In this way, we are constantly optimising ourselves.


AC - in an environmentally friendly way

Our air-conditioning system cools a large part of our premises through the hybrid use of our cold fire-fighting water. The water tank is located under the building and keeps the water naturally cold accordingly. With a consumption of 430 kilowatts, the chiller requires only a third of the power needed by a conventional air conditioning system of this strength.



We encourage event organisers to pay attention to waste separation. Therefore, we weigh your residual waste and charge for it transparently. Waste is disposed of separately at our materials yard. With our waste compactor, we also reduce the volume of waste so that the containers have to be collected less often. We also work with alternative disposal service providers such as Trash Galore. We recycle our own banners for give-aways.


Regional and seasonal catering

Our partner, Stolzenhoff Catering, offers regional, seasonal catering. For more information on sustainability, click here.


ÖKOPROFIT certified

In 2004 and 2016, we successfully participated in ÖKOPROFIT. ÖKOPROFIT is a cooperation project between the municipality, the local economy and other partners from the region.



We regularly train our staff in sustainable ways of acting and thinking, e.g. through training to become sustainability advisors or energy efficiency managers. Our organisers also benefit from this, and we are happy to provide them with advice. Internal and external further training also qualifies our employees. We have joined the "100Pro Training Initiative" of our association EVVC.


Corporate value "Ecology, Commitment and networking

The value of "ecology" is integrated into the overall concept of our corporate culture. In addition we are a partner in Münsters Allianz für Klimaschutz and have signed the sustainability code of our associations EVVC and GCB fairpflichtet. We have also joined the Net Zero Carbon Events initiative.


Cleaning and water sensors

Our cleaning company uses mostly environmentally friendly, degradable cleaning agents. Contactless hand-washing faucets without water overflow are installed in the toilet facilities.


Health management and safety for our employees

We offer our employees regular health checks, massages and flu shots. Occupational safety is important to us. We have received several awards from the Unfallkasse NRW.


Certified ventilation

Our ventilation systems were tested and certified by the DTHG in 2021 for the indoor climate and thus visitor health. Our indoor air quality far exceeds the minimum legal requirements.


Accessible stay

Our building is designed to be barrier-free, i.e. all halls are at ground level. A sufficient number of parking spaces for people with disabilities are available in parking lots P1 and P2. A sufficient number of wheelchair-accessible WCs are available throughout the building. Guests with hearing impairments can enjoy clear sound thanks to Sennheiser MobileConnect.  We are certified barrier-free by the DST Berlin.


Arrival, CO² calculator for events

We organize the most ecological journey possible for our guests: Transfer with e-buses, "Welcome! Ticket Münster" for public transport, arrival by train (special prices), six e-charging stations can be found in our parking lot P1. We also provide a CO² calculator for events. We ourselves have an electric Golf and an electric forklift truck. Thanks to a cooperation with DB-Regio, event organizers can allow concert guests to travel by public transport.

The CO2-footprint of your event

Protection of the environmental is important to us, which is why we are always doing our best to reduce our environmental impact and make sure we do everything in the most environmentally sustainable way.

We are happy to organise the most ecological journey possible for you: Transfer with e-buses, "Willkommen! Ticket Münster" for public transport, travel by train, free refuelling at the e-charging station on P1.

A free CO2 calculator is available from the NRW Energy Agency, with which you can calculate how climate-friendly your event is. You can calculate the CO2- footprint of your trip on the Federal Environment Agency website.

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