Successful meetings - sustainable meetings

We are continually monitoring our global impact. Our specially trained sustainability consultants will be happy to advise you with regards to planning and executing you "Green Meetings/Events".


Since 2010 our company has received Green Globe certification several times. We consider it a corporate responsibility to reduce our impact on the environment.

We are a partner of Münster's Alliance for Climate Protection and follow the recommended rules of sustainability put forward by the association’s EVVC and GCB for voluntary self-commitment and corporate responsibility for sustainability in the organisation and implementation of events.

We are happy to support you:

  • CO²-free events: Calculate your ecological footprint with the help of the CO² calculator.
  • Energy efficient and climate friendly: Our premises are equipped with low consumption infrastructure. We use “green” electricity:
  • energy saving lamps/light bulbs, water-stop systems and environmentally friendly air conditioning.
  • Separation of garbage (plastic, paper, etc.) and ecological waste disposal are a matter of principal.
  • Ecological transportation: E-buses, Trains (electric), "Welcome! Ticket Münster" for public transport, a free electric car charging station on P1.
  • Supporting our regional suppliers: Our in-house gastronomy.
  • MCC Catering offers you a region-specific, seasonal catering service.

Sustainability Code
the event industry

The Sustainability Code "fairpflichtet" initiated by the industry associations EVVC and GCB is a voluntary self-commitment to corporate responsibility for environmental sustainability in the organisation and implementation of events.

Member of Münster's Alliance
for Climate protection

We are a partners of Münster's Alliance for Climate Protection. Engagement in local networks is very important for us.

The CO2-footprint of your event

Protection of the environmental is important to us, which is why we are always doing our best to reduce our environmental impact and make sure we do everything in the most environmentally sustainable way.


A free CO2 calculator is available from the NRW Energy Agency, with which you can calculate how climate-friendly your event is. You can calculate the CO2- footprint of your trip on the Federal Environment Agency website.

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