NEO offers you the opportunity for new learning, communication, interaction and innovation experiences on more than 300 sqm. Because NEO stands for sustainable networking and experiences in one place for new thinking and learning processes.

Thanks to a flexible room design with a separate entrance, state-of-the-art visualization techniques and high-quality creative furniture, NEO is a space for new processes. Workshops with high participation possibilities offer you a platform for improvisation and spontaneity. Smart tools support you at your event in a room flooded with daylight. Intelligent lighting situations invite teamwork in small groups, different lighting scenes support performance and creativity.

NEO can, of course, also be used in the classic seating arrangements or in conjunction with the Blauer Saal.

Important for your planning


Size in m2 312
NEO, length x width in m 26x12
NEO 1, length x width in m 13,5x12
NEO 2, length x width in m 12,5x12
Height in m 4,80


Further plans are available on request.

Max. capacities (number of persons)

Seating in rows 334 139 155
Parliamentary seating 164   63   80


Seating options

NEO in rows   334 download
NEO 1 in rows   139 download
NEO 2 in rows   155 download
NEO parliamentary   164 download
NEO 1 parliamentary   63 download
NEO 2 parliamentary   80 download
NEO grid, 1x1 m    download
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